Frat Party

Duffy (Randy Wayne) is graduating from college, having spent the first three years of his post-secondary academic career getting his paws on as many women as possible. His senior year is when he decided to settle down and find himself a wife (huh?). The lucky girl is Adriana (Caroline D'Amore)—beautiful, rich, and apparently not too worried about the hugely sleazy party Duffy's frat brothers are set to throw him.

The shindig is happening the night before the wedding and will take all the self-control and erectile discipline Duffy can summon to resist the parade of carnal temptations his friends have set for him—erotic massages, an encounter with a Dominatrix, nude photo sessions, and the chance to have sex with a porn star (and all the antibiotic treatments that would follow).

  • Pemain : Randy Wayne, Jesse Jane
  • Genre : Comedy
  • Country : USA

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