Funny Games

| DVDRip aXXo KLAXXON | 2007 |

In this shot-by-shot remake of the 1997 artistic exploration of violence, a bourgeoisie family, comprised of wife Anna, husband George, and son Georgie, take their summer vacation at their luxurious lake-front house on Long Island. Shortly after settling in, a young man by the name of Peter shows up at the front door, requesting some eggs to borrow for their neighbor. Peter is quickly joined by another young man, Paul, who comes in to check on Peter. The men seem very polite at first, but soon, however, something about them begins to rub Ann the wrong way: Peter breaks the eggs that Ann gives him twice in a row and accidentally knocks Ann’s cell phone into the sink; Peter takes a golf club out front to try out; and, shortly after, their dog is missing.

Ann soon gets fed up with them, and asks them to leave. The men’s attitude quickly changes, and when George asks the men to leave, Peter grabs a golf club and breaks George’s leg with it. The two men take the family hostage and begin to play games that involve physically and mentally torturing them. The games gradually get more life-threatening, and eventually Paul makes a bet with the audience: the family will be dead by 9 am the next morning. The majority of the film focuses on whether the family will survive the night.

  • Cast : Naomi Watts, Tim Roth, Michael Pitt, Brady Corbet, Devon Gearhart
  • Genre : Drama | Thriller
  • Country : USA

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Film 3d + kacamata 3d
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